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Specialists in green investments

climechange is the asset manager that cares. For the environment. For the future of mother earth. And after all, for your investment.

climechange serves its customer by investing in something everybody needs: healthy living in a healthy environment for now and for future generations.

We execute long-term economic solutions that solve the worldwide climate problem sustainably with a clear focus on carbon compensation and environmental protection projects.

We are amongst the leading project and asset managers in this market, and therefore contribute to healing the climate sustainable.

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Tree plantation projects

With the help of international experts, up to 10 million Paulownia trees are to be planted on 10,000 hectares, to make a significant contribution to improving the earth's climate. 
The plantations are set up to grow flexible depending on the funding level.

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The whole value chain in one hand

Project Development

The project development of sustainable carbon compensation projects is an important and valuable stage of our range of services. We cover the entire value chain, from land acquisition and the approval process to plantation construction and operations.

Flanked by the political framework conditions, the expansion of carbon compensation projects is increasing throughout the world. 

More and more institutional investors are securing projects for their long-term investments in sustainable environmental projects at an early stage. With our many years of experience in the development as well as the construction and operation of carbon compensating facilities, we accompany you as a strong and innovative partner.

Reduce CO2 emissions and carbon footprint to limit global warming and climate change. Sustainable de

Smart Asset Management

With us, you are investing in the reduction of carbon footprint. We are an independent and integrated asset and investment manager in the area of sustainable carbon reduction and compensation. For us, integrated means the combination of commercial and technical knowledge when it comes to investments and ongoing operations management. Due to our longstanding experience and the proximity to the relevant asset, we achieve optimum results for our investors.

We want to work together with you long term and personally. Our employees in asset management and investment, in the areas of finance, technology and law have been in the company for many years and work closely together in the buying, selling and operation of assets. Therefore, a trustworthy relationship with our customers has top priority.

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Our investment philosopy

Only the combination of economy with ecology guarantees sustainable, transparent and profitable solutions to heal the planet.


We create solutions that reverse the environmental destruction, once and for long.We combine economical solutions with environmental healing. Only this combination will create enough power to really impact the healing of the environment.

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We ensure transparency, validation, sustainability and results.Therefore, we are cooperating with leading experts in the environmental industry. Validation is done through Big 4 auditing firms.


We develop or invest in projects that have a positive impact on the environment, and at the same time provide attractive returns for our investors. With this strategy we combine the requirements of our clients an the climate.

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