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Our investment philosophy

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Regardless of the causes of the global climate catastrophe, the urgent necessity of carbon compensation and carbon farming is proven in numerous recognized studies.

We at climechange fund, develop and manage sustainable carbon compensation thru Paulownia tree plantations in ecologically and economically appropriate areas.

We do not cultivate a deforested area, but replant entire regions that verifiably have not been planted with forest before. This means that we are 100 percent in compliance with the requirements of the 1997 Kyoto Protocol.

Since we can rent the required areas long term for a comparable low fee (in exchange for generating work and income for the locals), we can fulfill the project’s purpose - of planting trees - from the very first Euro.

Picture: Paulownia plantation

  • Advantage for the climate: CO2 compensation

  • Advantage for the local people: Income

  • Advantage for the investor: Long-term savings (no penalty interest, small interest rate, opportunity to profit from rising stock price and extra profit-sharing after 12 years)

  • Advantage for local politics: Contractually secured jobs as well as improved image

  • Advantage for international politics: Support to improve the climate balance in the international community

With our approach we can reach these goals

  • Immediate (We plant ourselves)

  • Direct (We plant trees from the first euro)

  • Verifiable (We certify the plantings and have us certified)

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